One year later…

I rode the 7:40 ferry this morning. I was running late and almost missed the ferry because of the rain. Out of breath, I did not think about Susan until I was on the upper deck chatting with two people who also knew her.
Please take a moment today to remember Susan and other cyclists who we have lost.
Also, ride, drive, walk safe, y’all.

(We a planning a one year memorial ride for next year.  Probably on Friday 1/16/15 similar to the one we had this year. I will send out more details soon.)

UPDATE: I’m sorry to say that due to factors out of my control, I can not organize this ride this month.  Hopefully, it will happen later in the year…


A memorial ferry and bike ride for Susan

A memorial ferry and bike ride for Susan

The plan:
On Friday the 17th of January 2014, those of us who can, will take the 5:20pm ferry from Oyster Point (like Susan did). The ferry arrives at the Oakland Ferry Terminal at 6pm.
We will then ride along a route that will attempt to increase the visibility of cyclists to truck drivers coming from the Port of Oakland. Please make and have signs asking truck drivers to share the road with cyclists.
Our final destination will be 5th and Market where we will say a few words, put down flowers and clean the area around the ghostbike.
While this will not bring Susan back, we have to celebrate her and do our best to improve on the conditions that resulted in her not being here any more.

I rode the ferry last Friday to work and the magic of being on the ferry was diminished for me. I had the upper-outside deck all to myself for most of the ride. It was a 40 min long moment of silence for Susan. I was just getting to know her…

Ghost Bike for Susan

Ghost Bike for Susan

Last Sunday (12/22/13), O.S. and I made and installed a ghostbike. It felt good to do something tangible. A part of me just wanted to stare out the window all day. Glad we got to do this instead…
Biking to the ghostbike (it is at 5th and Market where the accident happened) from the ferry will be a nice short memorial ride on 01/17/14.

I met Susan R Watson on the Oakland to Oyster Point Ferry

I met Susan R Watson on the Oakland to Oyster Point Ferry

I last saw her on 12/17/13 on the 7:40am ferry. She was handing out fruit to everyone on the upper outside deck, talking about her upcoming trip to Panama. That night, she did not make it home… Her ride home was cut short, abruptly, after a big rig struck her.

Susan was THE friendliest person on the ferry. Everyone knew her.

She travelled a lot so I wanted to create space online that could be accessed by all who cared about her. Please share your stories.

We are planning a memorial ride for her in Oakland on Friday 01/17/14, a month after we lost her. I will provide more details in early January.